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Question: Disable snooze ability on Apple Watch silent alarm?

Hello, so I am considering buying an Apple Watch in the near future, but there is one feature I haven't been able to get any solid info on. In regards to silent alarms where the watch vibrates to wake you up in the morning, is there any way to disable the ability to snooze or turn off the alarm from the watch? Meaning I want to only be able to push the snooze button on my iPhone. Basically, when I get up early in the morning I place my phone on a desk across the room, so I physically get up out of bed to help wake me up, but if I am being woken up by the Apple Watch on my wrist, then I have no reason to get up out of bed, so I want to be woken up silently by the watch but have to get up and walk over to my iPhone to actually shut the alarm off. Is this possible with the built in abilities of the watch or perhaps with any third party apps? Thanks any feedback is welcomed.

Apple Watch Series 3

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Question: Disable snooze ability on Apple Watch silent alarm?