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Question: Help with Code return “nothing value”

I have a sheet named “pricing”. And a sheet named “style 1”. On style 1 i have two tables. I have a cell in table 1 that i trying to get to reference a cell from Pricing. I can get. =Pricing :: ‘Table 1’ :: b22 To bring in anything I type into b22 in pricing. But, how do i get “nothing” to show up if there is nothing in b22 on pricing. Right now if nothing is in b22 in Priceing, a “0” show up in my cell on style 1

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Mar 9, 2018 4:19 PM in response to Region Rat In response to Region Rat

Hi RR,

Try this:

=IF(LEN(Pricing::Table 1::B22)<1,"",Pricing::Table 1::B22)

Suggestion: Give each of the Tables in your document a distinct name. This will shorten your formulas, as Numbers will need only the Table name to locate the table, and the sheet name may be omitted (and will be discarded from formulas where it is not needed).

With the Table on Pricing named Prices, for example, the above formula would be:




Mar 9, 2018 4:19 PM

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Question: Help with Code return “nothing value”