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Question: I no longer trust Apple

I have been purchasing Apple and their products for 20 years, and have by and large been happy with them. I have also had solid support in the past. However, the latest issue that had me going in to the local store has got my back up and stress levels through the roof.

Basically, my MacBook Pro has developed stains on the display, that won't shift. Yes thats right I am one of the 100s of thousands affected by #Staingate. I bought my MacBook Pro back in late 2013, and have had no problems with the screen until late 2017. I now find that Apple extended their quality recall on display being affected, until October last year. In store I was given a note saying that on my model this offer was stopped back in late 2016, 3 years after its purchase. Now, as I stated, I did not have any signs of this delamination problem until October/November 2017, and had not been told that there was a manufacturing issue with my model and batch. This really upsets me, I like to think of myself as diligent, and had I known or been made aware of the issue, I would have had my display changed in the period when the recall was in place.

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So, the Apple Store technician didn't offer to replace my fault screen, I am still within the 5 year period of consumer protection, and he told me that this would have to be taken up with the seller. So, I went to John Lewis, who sent me back to Apple, who sent me back to John Lewis. I tried to remain calm, but I have an autistic spectrum disorder, and I had a meltdown, John Lewis offered me £300 toward the replacement of the screen. The cost for replacement from apple is £670.

I have spent in excess of £20,000 with Apple over the years, I would hope that as a good will gesture toward my loyalty, that they would waive the cost and replace the display, especially given that the fault is with the manufacture of the product.

Apple, you have inveigled your way into my life, and I am bound to you. I no longer feel bound through loyalty, but as a slave.

MacBook Pro with Retina display

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Mar 10, 2018 12:45 AM in response to digigaia In response to digigaia

You purchased the item from John Lewis. In English consumer law your problem should be taken up with John Lewis and resolved, one way or the other, by them.

Write a complaint to the Citizens Advice Bureau and have a copy available to show to John Lewis. You will need to dig out the rules but I believe that a product that shows the sort of problem you illustrate can be challenged for up to 6 years from the purchase date.

Mar 10, 2018 12:45 AM

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Question: I no longer trust Apple