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Question: Logic Pro X causes maximum CPU load in VEP6


I have run into a strange problem related to Logic Pro 10.4.1.

I've been working on a score in Sibelius connected to Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 (server). I've been doing this on the road with my MacBook Pro - 13'' late 2016 - 3,3 GHz Intel Core i7 - 16G. This all works very well.

I then decided to take the score to Logic Pro10.4 for further tweaking, so I exported a midi-file from Sibelius and imported into Logic. This also works very nicely.

What doesn't work is that Logic causes the CPU to peak at 98-100% on certain passages in the score. The playback stutters with dropouts and digital distortion. This is described in the manual as a natural phenomenon during heavy CPU load.

I'm wondering why the same midi information plays nicely from Sibelius to VEP, with a CPU load of 25-30%, and then from Logic Pro it causes this CPU maxout (98-100%)?

Does anybody have any idea what could be causing this? Any input will be greatly appreciated. I’m on MacOs 10.12.6.

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Question: Logic Pro X causes maximum CPU load in VEP6