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Question: is this charger safe to use?

is seems to be chip a little and missing the part like on the macbok chargers

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Mar 10, 2018 11:50 AM in response to detour12 In response to detour12

That is a broken guide for a "duckhead"/AC power cable. Even if it were possible to connect something to the power adapter, do not do it. The power adapter is damaged. Do not use it!

Using Apple power adapters, cables, and duckheads with Apple products - Apple Support

Mar 10, 2018 11:50 AM

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Mar 10, 2018 3:20 PM in response to detour12 In response to detour12

The seller should refund on that purchase, or if bought through ebay

you may be able to force the issue when it was sent to you like that.

Online sites will say if they offer refunds, as part of their agreement.

I'd seen an incidence of a different power cable used with the iBook G4

power adapter, instead of the extension cable. The original G3 White iBook

didn't have a three-wire cable ~ only a two-wire cable for AC power-in.

Your better bet would be to find a good source for new spare adapter.

I have one that was from newer tech (OWC) fits iBook/PowerBookG4..

Power Adapter for Apple PowerBook G4, iBook G4 & G3 - link to this example

..and when available, was about $25 from their site. Not just the cable.

Yet if you had no other option, to test an 'two-wire' adapter where the part

you see that is broken had no electrical connection significance, there is

a generic cord with only two-wires that can fit just the power-in port where

the missing toggle-duckhead or official extension cable would be fitted.

User uploaded file

I've had these kinds of two-wire cables, they have a shape that fits into

the opening you see when the final connector is not in place; the item

is generally used to be sure a polarized plug is used, given that shape.

[So the generic wire/cable would go into the opening and fit most exactly.

And early adapters do not use the metal lug as a 'power ground' connector.]

My first edition G3 White iBook came with two adapters, the yo-yo round

one with different AC-in cables, and a later standard white cube Apple

adapter with only two-wires; this had the duckhead plug, also used cable.

[On this model there is no electrical significance assigned the metal button

such as is missing in image you posted; as in those, there was no wire either.]

So the power-in cable that replaces the toggle-duckhead with tiny holes

for the electrical connections inside, is what I mean by 'two-wires.' {Not the

the bigger cable in (extension) or the DC wire out of the power adapter. A

three wire AC cable has two power and one ground. The old first edition

white power adapter for iBook, has only two connectors for AC into it.

And I've seen the generic AC cord with the matching shape cast into the

rubbery plastic, these fit directly into AC-in iBook G3/G4 power adapter.

Bins of various electrical appliance cords sometimes have these cables.

{As matter of reference; while you have a better hopeful option in returning it.}

Good luck & happy trails! 🙂

Mar 10, 2018 3:20 PM

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Question: is this charger safe to use?