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Question: corupted drive AND backup, data recovery options

I have has some verry bad luck. I have a 6TB data drive and another 6TB backup drive for the data. Yesterday the data drive corupted and First Aid could not fix it ( was accidentally unplugged). While I was restoring the data my system SSD died and the backup got corrupted. Very odd as it the data drive that was being written to is OK, it is the backup I was reading from that got corrupted (and cant be fixed my First Aid). I was using Paragon HFS+ on windows. The reason I am posting this to a mac forum is I also have a mac and it seems most sensible to use MacOS to tey to recover the disk.

So is there anything better than MacOS at fixing it or any data recovery software I can use (I know there is but looking for recommendations). Is it worth paying a data recovery company?

This is really bad as its ALL my data. I do video production. Luckily when things started going wrong I backed up my current project but I have lost everything else;(.

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Question: corupted drive AND backup, data recovery options