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Question: Will there ever be automatic switching between devices?

Ahh the allure of the AirPods. Very. I’ve wireless headphones. Made to work with all your Apple devices. For me that’s my Mac, my iPhone, my iPad, my Apple Watch (wow all those things make it hard for me to stop using Apple, or does it?). Syncing them to my devices was a breeze. After connecting to phone all devices using the same ID were connected. But that’s where the magic ends. No volume control. Ok because I use my watch for volume. My problem is having to constantly connect between devices. Two examples.

1) I’m on a phone call with AirPods. I end that call. I usually keep the AirPods in my ear. I admit they’re comfortable and another call may come in. I go sit on couch with my family awhile later while looking at my iPad and encounter a video. I don’t want to disturb what’s being watched on tv so I’m happy I have my AirPods in. Press play on video and it plays through iPads speakers. Oh it’s connected to iPhone still. Go to settings, go to Bluetooth, connect AirPods. Hmmph .

2) I’m watching Netflix on iPad while cooking in the kitchen using AirPods. My show ends and yes I keep AirPods in ear. I may want to watch another episode. 10-15 min go by my phone rings. My watch rings. But my AirPods do not. They are not connected to phone. I now have to answer phone. Tell the person on other line to hold on or put it on speaker and start the conversation, while going to home screen, then settings, then Bluetooth, then connect AirPods. .

Not he way I imagined they would work. If connects so easily to all devices with Apple ID but doesn’t connect so easily. Will there ever be an update that allows this? Or an AirPods 2 (in sleek piano Black please) with this important feature. And before the flock start whatever device is currently streaming audio to AirPods has precedence. But that precedence could be set. For instance, iPhone over all devices. So if I’m watching a video on my Mac or iPad and a call comes in it’s immediately routed to AirPods. Set a priority list the way you can in a car. In my car my phone is 1 and my calls take precedence over wife, in her car the opposite. Even if she is connected first to my car my phone takes top priority for connection. Are there any apps that’s might allow this?

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Mar 10, 2018 7:47 AM in response to Veteranmaster In response to Veteranmaster

We're all users on this forum and no one can answer your question as none of us work for Apple. We also have no direct connection to Apple, thus we can't speak for Apple, nor know anything about their future product upgrades or plan. You can let Apple know this is something you would like to see via this link: Product Feedback - Apple

Mar 10, 2018 7:47 AM

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Mar 10, 2018 9:15 AM in response to Veteranmaster In response to Veteranmaster

Unfortunately, there isn't any app for that. A quicker way to switch the device is to go to control center, 3D touch on the music pane, select the little icon on the top right and select AirPods.

Mar 10, 2018 9:15 AM

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Mar 10, 2018 12:39 PM in response to Veteranmaster In response to Veteranmaster

There's no workaround needed for switching devices, you can do so from settings>Bluetooth on the desired device, or use control center. What criteria would be used for your auto switching you want? When connected to one device playing a video, it's giving it's undivided attention. What criteria would it use to simply stop to answer a phone call in a device it's linked to, but not actively paired to?

Mar 10, 2018 12:39 PM

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Question: Will there ever be automatic switching between devices?