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Question: internet radio: WWFM is listed but not accessible

WWFM is listed but not accessible. The station is accessible on the WWFM webpage via 2 other streaming services, and so the digital feed is OK. However, Internet Radio does not open the station when I click on the entry under 'Classical.' I called the station, and they are sure that this is an Internet Radio issue, no a problem with the digital feed. How do we get WWFM back?

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Mar 10, 2018 9:19 AM in response to 2000CAD In response to 2000CAD

Thanks for your quick reply, 2000CAD. 'Internet Radio' is a selection under 'Library' when iTunes is opened. It's under 'Artists,' 'Albums,' 'Songs,' and 'Genres' in my iTunes sidebar. The main window contains a list of stream categories, e.g., 'Blues,' 'Classic Rock,' and so on. Opening 'Classical' reveals a list of a few hundred providers, including (reverse alphabetic order) WYSU, WXXI, WWFM, WUIS, and so on. Until a few months ago, clicking on WWFM took me to the site; the content was the same and basically in synch with what I heard on my FM radio. The station upgraded its digital feed and had a few growing problems. It is now accessible at http://wwfm.org/classical-music-stream via two streamers: aacp - https://wwfm.streamguys1.com/live and mp3 - https://wwfm.streamguys1.com/live-mp3.

The WWFM page also contains the following:

"Please note - if you are using a third-party app, such as Tune-In Radio or iTunes, we have little control over technical issues, provided our regular stream is working correctly. Please refer to the app or device's customer support."

I have confirmed that Tune-In Radio (on my iPhone) and the aacp and mp3 sources work, but the Internet Radio stream on my iMac iTunes is dead. How can this be fixed?

Mar 10, 2018 9:19 AM

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Question: internet radio: WWFM is listed but not accessible