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Question: iTunes U not showing up on iPad

Since I am apparently not allowed to request support anymore for my ipad 9.7 pro and after trying to email customer support, who ignored what I wrote and sent me an apple.com link that didn’t address my question, I guess I‘ll try to ask here. The content for itunesU is not accessible from my iPad anymore. I know it was moved to podcasts but the app is non-functional. I find a listing in the iTunes Store (e.g. Probability and discrete variables from MIT) then when I try to follow the link it opens podcasts to ”browse” and nothing ever happens. There are almost no courses listed in either the itunesu app or podcasts app. Other than downloading to my windows pc and manually moving to ipad (which should be unnecessary and is ridiculous given that ipad is supposed to do more) is there any solution to make the built in apps functional on my ipad?

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Question: iTunes U not showing up on iPad