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About 4K, HDR, and Dolby Vision on your Apple TV 4K

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Question: The solution for ATV4K with Yamaha Receivers not allowing HDR

The solution for ATV4K with Yamaha Receivers not allowing HDR

Recently I bought myself a receiver from the Yamaha Aventage range.

Amazing sound, great options and it boasts HDR compatibility so any HDR equipment should be able to communicate to your TV over this unit.

It does not ! or does it....

When connecting an Apple TV 4K to your Yamaha Receiver you may experience any of these symptoms:

  • TV will not go into 4K
  • Apple TV will not allow you to go into 4K HDR on your Apple TV
    ( switches back after giving a black screen when you try )
  • Switching HDMI cables does not work, not even expensive ones
  • Connecting ATV4K directly to your TV works, through your Yamaha Receiver does NOT

Sollution (works for me at least).

In your Yamaha Receiver you have to set up how it should handle incoming and outgoing HDMI connections.

This is part of the SET-UP section which you acces through the remote.

Take these steps:

  1. Turn your receiver on
  2. Turn your TV on
  3. Turn your Apple TV 4 K on
  4. Use the Yamaha Remote and choose the ON SCREEN button to acces the On-Screen section
  5. Go to the Set-Up section
  6. Now in the Set-Up section go to the VIDEO MODE section
  7. In the VIDEO MODE you will see 2 options :
    1. Direct
    2. Processing
    Now you would expect DIRECT to do NOTHING about your video signal and PROCESSING to convert it.
    However, the DIRECT does not work that way. It somehow processes the video and does not allow two-way communication between the component ( your ATV4K ) and your TV.
    So we have to set it differently.
  8. Go into the " Processing " section .
  9. There are again 2 options.
    1. Resolution
    2. Aspect
  10. Go into RESOLUTION, there choose " THROUGH" anything else will not work for this. After setting this, go back.
  11. Now check " ASPECT " it should also note " THROUGH" .
  12. Done, exit this menu and try to set your ATV4K to HDR mode.
  13. Enjoy !
    It worked for me.

Note: I think somehow the brilliant minds at Yamaha have shaped the names and functionality of this section, so ONLY in Resolution -> Through setting will the ATV4K send out and set HDR 4K mode,

( PS : Have not been able to test this with Dolby Vision as my TV does not support this )

Please reply below if you found this to work for you as well !


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Question: The solution for ATV4K with Yamaha Receivers not allowing HDR