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Question: Why is the Podcast app so brain-dead?

I have the most current version (3.4 (1225.17)) of the Podcast app on my iPhone 7 (with ~79 GB free).

This appears to be a "new feature": now within the individual lists of each podcast those programs MAY be in date order or in reverse-date order. There is nothing apparent which allows me to predict the order or change it.

MOST of the time I would prefer in date order so that I can listen to a given podcast series from the eldest podcast to the newest, but this cannot set in any way.

Preferably there should be a setting for individual podcasts so that it could be in date order or reverse-date order, but an overall setting for all of the Podcast app would at least allow all of them to have the same order.

Please fix this.

iPhone 7, iOS 11.2.6, 256GB

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Question: Why is the Podcast app so brain-dead?