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Question: iPhone 8 call issues

I have a persistent problem with the call quality of my iphone 8. People often say they cant hear me properly - the sound is muffled, it goes quiet - sounds digitised sometimes.. not the whole call, but for 2 seconds or so.. but its a persistent issue.

Its unusual as i havent had this issue with any other phone before.

So when ive had somone on the other side of the phone say - "can you repeat that" - "sorry the call went quiet" - "you sound muffled there" - there is an issue.

I have been to the genius bar - and i was advised to set up as a new phone - which is a real pain as i have to install all my apps again - set up passwords on banking apps again.

This is not great - anyone else had this issue?

I will repoert back if the reset and set up as new works.. my genius bar person, was pretty ambivalent to the issue, and im sure there is a problem out there - but we shall see.

also tried iOS 11.3 beta

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Mar 14, 2018 12:20 PM in response to firswood In response to firswood

Same problem here on my iphone 8 on EE in the UK. Tried all the suggestions (settings, new simm, hard reset, etc) and eventually ended up at Genius Bar in Apple store and they diagnosed a faulty bottom right microphone and gave me a replacement handset. They said microphone can’t be repaired. online fault testing with Apple didn't find this but as soon as test was run in the genius bar they found a microphone fault.

I thought that a replacement handset had sorted it…..however, I've still got exactly the same problem though- intermittent poor call quality where people can’t hear what I’m saying. Tried all options with carrier but getting nowhere. it’s really difficult to pin down as the fault is intermittent…. a call to EE tonight no problems. A call to Apple support shortly after and they couldn’t hear me. apple suggested I go back to Genius bar again....

Mar 14, 2018 12:20 PM

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Question: iPhone 8 call issues