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Question: poor service and bad experience

I'm from Shenzhen, China. I'm big fans of apple products as always. Unfortunately I had bad experience on March 4th when I went to Holida Plaza where's the biggest Apple service center in Shenzhen.

I waited in line to change the battery after Iphone 6 plus being upgraded and no move over 10mins, I didn't know how long I have to wait and asked the lady who's at the end of line, no idea how soon my issue will be cared. then I went to service hall and talked with manager who's named as Kelly L., I explained my issue to see if any quick-way to get thing done, if improved area to make all service process more quick and efficiency. This Lady Kelly said "I'm in charge of all this center and all team/duties have been well done, no way to improve. "customer is God" is not my business objective". I'm surprise to hear a management level to talk like this way since Apple is the greatest company in the world. I didn't where and which team I can escalate such poor behavior to client.

Thank you to forward this concern to right people to handle. My phone is ***.

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iPhone 6s Plus, iOS 11.2.6, null

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Question: poor service and bad experience