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Question: WiFi or Provider Signal

I got the iPhone X thinking that I will be even better from the rest of iPhones, I have been having iPhones since iPhone 4 and an AT&T as my provider, but this really expensive iPhone doesn’t do the job just like the rest of them, I had been really frustrating with this one because It either won’t take a WiFi signal from my work place or Startbucks or Coffee Bean and wen I try to run it on my AT&T service doesn’t work!!!! I turn off the WiFi to see if i can get a better reception but No luck then I turn off my data to see if the WiFi signal will work and I do have a plenty of WiFi bars and still doesn’t work just goes around and around looking for signal.

I tried restarting the iPhone so manytimes but No luck , I wen to the Apple Store and since I did not have an appointment they told me that the Tech can probably look at it in the next 2-3 hours if I want to came back, he suggested that the issue will be with the service provider Not with the unit, I was like ah ok but can you at least run a test or something to see if the unit is working properly? Then I go to AT&T!

But I wen to AT&T right after I left the Apple Store because if I have come back in about 3hrs !! So at the AT&T they run their own test to see if the iPhone is receiving their signal,and everything passed on green check marks , so he told me that it may be the unit itself.

So I got home an I did not wanted to go back to the Apple Store in about 3hrs or so an wait to see how long more... So I tried to do it over Apple website but no luck to book an appointment for the reason it tells me to go to my service provider an they should fix the problem.

I feel like Apple and or AT&T do not want to take responsibility for the issue an they just telling me that is the other company problem not there’s...

What can I do!!!!!

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Question: WiFi or Provider Signal