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Question: HomeKit Accessory Not Responding on Different iOS Devices

I have many HomeKit accessories installed in my home, but am having one particular problem with my Honeywell Lyric security system. I can set everything up fine, and am able to successfully arm and disarm my Lyric system using HomeKit. However, any time an alarm is triggered (i.e. when my wife opens our front door in the morning before disarming the system), suddenly the Lyric displays as "No Response" in my HomeKit app. The only solution for me is to completely remove and re-setup the Lyric in HomeKit again. What's very strange is that this problem does not occur on my wife's phone (iPhone 8). What's even stranger is that while the Lyric is showing as "No Response" in my HomeKit app, if I arm or disarm the system manually (at the Lyric keypad), my phone gets HomeKit notifications about it! This is very strange and frustrating, please help.

FYI I use an Apple TV 4th generation as my HomeKit "hub", and I have two iOS devices that connect to HomeKit, my iPhone X, and my wife's iPhone 8.

iPhone X, iOS 11.2.6

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Question: HomeKit Accessory Not Responding on Different iOS Devices