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Question: MacBook Air Randomly Shuts Down

Has anyone figured out why the MacBook will randomly shut down? I have a MacBook Air 13 inch that would randomly shut down it's display while I was using it or when moving the display on the hinges. I have Apple Care and it was sent back for repair three times, and "fixed" once in the Apple Store the problem never being resolved. Apple finally gave me a new MacBook and it has done the same thing. While experimenting with hand position, screen position and anything else that I could imagine, I finally figured out the problem. The MacBook has a magnetic sensor by the upper left part of the keyboard that shuts down the computer when the screen is shut. My watchband has a magnetic clasp and whenever my wrist came near the sensor, it would shut down the computer. Problem solved by just removing my Apple Watch with the magnetic band whenever I use the computer. The problem is finally solved after four months of the Genius Bar trying to fix my computer. I am sure that I am not the only one with this problem and the geniuses at the Genius Bar should be made aware of this problem and it's solution.

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Question: MacBook Air Randomly Shuts Down