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Question: Apple Activity Time Zone Spring Ahead

My apple watch and phone have properly updated to the "spring ahead" time (New York area). Unfortunately, when i go into my Activity app (on the phone) to view my stand hours, etc, it says that I've stood in the next hour ahead, not the current hour. Example, it's currently 11:50am and it's showing that I stood in the 12 o'clock hour already. I'm not sure how to fix this but it's pretty annoying. Any suggestions? I've tried manually setting the time zone on my phone (which wasn't an issue) and have restarted both the phone and watch (I also ran a watch update this morning). Ugh. Thanks in advance.

WATCH SERIES 2(ALUM) 42MM (2ND GEN), watchOS 4.2.3

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Question: Apple Activity Time Zone Spring Ahead