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Question: synching 2 imac computers

I have 2 imacs; one is Active and contains the data I want. The 2nd has been idle for several months. I want to put the 'idle' one back in use and want it to contain the the data that's on the 'active' imac. I have time capsule but I'm wondering if I can connect the 2 computers and update the data files in that manner.

I'm running Sierra 10.12.26

Thank you.

iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 9.3.2

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Mar 11, 2018 8:44 AM in response to hyttwhit In response to hyttwhit

If the 2 computers have the correct cable connections, try the Target Disk Mode.

Target Disk Mode - Mavericks

Target Disc Mode

You could also run a clone, which you could update on a regular basis.

Clone - Carbon Copy Cloner (Often recommended as it has more features than some others)

Clone – Data Backup

Clone – Deja Vu

Clone - SuperDuper

Clone - Synk

Clone Software – 6 Applications Tested

Mar 11, 2018 8:44 AM

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Question: synching 2 imac computers