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Question: apple id

Hi Guys‚

I have an Apple ID issue affecting ability to log in to Messages and FaceTime.

I used to be able to use both apps on my:

- MacBook Air 13 (2017) - High Sierra

- iPad 2 - IOS 11

- iPhone 4s - IOS 10

- Mac Pro (early 2008) - El Captain

All of a sudden I started to get account activation errors in both Messages and FaceTime on all my devices. At the same time Apple ID works fine for App Store. Neither of the apps will allow me to log in - or use it in any way.

I can also log to https://appleid.apple.com

and edit my data... no issues whatsoever. If I use my friend's Apple ID in Messages or FaceTime‚ it works fine on all my devices. So what I did was create a new Apple ID for myself... worked for 15 minutes and activation error came back. Again tried to use my friend's Apple ID in both apps - works...

I am puzzled. Issue (and all three accounts) were tested in both hot spot and home WiFi to reproduce the same conditions. I tried most of the available troubleshooting tutorials - starting from the ones available on this site.

I am seriously upset‚ after browsing through half of the internet I am again at square one where it seems that my domestic crowd of four different devices and OSes seems to be cursed by some Apple bug.

Moreover‚ correct me if I am wrong‚ it seems Apple will not do jack about it if my Applecare is not valid?

In the past I found plenty of brilliant solutions on this page hence am counting on anyone who encountered similar issue or/and has in depth knowledge of the matter.

Thank you


MacBook Air, macOS High Sierra (10.13.3), and 3 more devices...

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Question: apple id