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Question: Ap store won't hold my password

Since there has been an apple store I've had a massive problem logging in. The password used everywhere else on Apple, like these forums where it has no problem, is denied when used as a store login. So I must use the process of changing my password on the Store screens, change it, and I can log in to the store. Once. After I log out that new password is no longer recognized and must be changed yet again if I need to log in.

What's interesting is if I "change" the password from the one "not recognized" to that same one, Apple says I can't use it because I already did. So it was actually there to be recognized. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing?

Last night even that stopped working. When I entered a password change and hit "Continue," it didn't continue. The spinning wheel never stopped spinning. The function was inoperative.

This isn't new; it dates to 2008 or whenever the store opened. I've been with upper level telephone support three times, usually for more than 3 hours. The first two calls ended with the issue being "solved." And so it was, until the next time I tried to log in to the store.

I would't care except that Apple requires Store access to update software, so I am denied updates.

Just adding to Apple lore. I don't expect solutions.

MacBook Pro, OS X El Capitan (10.11.6)

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Question: Ap store won't hold my password