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Question: Personal Hotspot

When troubleshooting personal hot spot lack of connection of OS X 10.12.6, the only thing which works is "creating new location", which unforunatly removes all user created connections (VPN's, etc)..

They also automatically remove from keychain, so i must go and source the password from these again..

Is there a way to just copy one location to another preserving any created connections, or at least stop removing passwords from keychain ?

eg. ideally, if new location is set, and old one deleted, passwords related to those previous VPN connections persist still in keychain, and user can delete them at will..

It seems yo work for Mail, when it has issues... you remove your mail account, but often the apsswords "remain" in keychain.. yet the same does not happen when new location is done.

it may have been my fault.. because i deleted /cache folder in trying to fix PHS, but i never touched keychain at all.

I also tried deleting network.plist and interfaces.plist (which i assume would NOT delete VPN's from list, providing it was in the old location)

MacBook Pro with Retina display, macOS Sierra (10.12.6), 8 Gig

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Question: Personal Hotspot