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Question: Export of Apple Health Data

I have a Polar H10, that I have enabled as a health device on Apple Watch. All running the newest versions of WatchOS/iOS 11.3(15E5201e)

I receive updates every second that I can verify that the communication is working as expected.

I wear the polar device which keeps heart rate updates through the night and day. So there will be close to 80k entries for only heart data.

If I navigate to iPhone Storage 799 MB is currently allocated by the health app

When I perform the export, it takes about 5+ mins and a 22 byte export.zip file is created.

I have attempted to save to local and still get the 22 byte file. FWIW 22 bytes is the header information of a ZIP file, so the file is empty.

A few notes.

- I want to export all of the content, there are several apps in the store that allow access to export mins or hours. I need the detailed granularity of per second usage

- This has worked before when there was less health data using the exact same method

iPhone X

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Question: Export of Apple Health Data