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Question: How can I make it so my child can not view picture I create

Can not seem to understand how to separate my photos I take or want from my iPhone to separate from her iPad mini. she is only 5, and there are some photos I do not wast her to see. she can take her own, but no access to my photos.

thank you

iOS 11.2.6, iPhone

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Mar 11, 2018 12:28 PM in response to Thecatzmeow In response to Thecatzmeow


I am sorry to say, but sharing an Apple ID is never a good idea. Not only photos, almost everything you do on your devices, she can see, edit and delete. iMessage and FaceTime calls will come on both devices, and she is even able to change your password, trusted devices and phone numbers. You might think just to turn off the iCloud Photo Library feature, but she is just able to turn it back on again.

I would strongly recommend to use family sharing. Then you can create a new child account for your dauther, where she get her own account, and you can share selected photos. You can also share purchases, and turn on a "ask to buy" feature.

Hope this helps!


Mar 11, 2018 12:28 PM

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Question: How can I make it so my child can not view picture I create