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I have been tring to host a web site off my mac but can't seem to get it to work. I have a registered domain name with a custom DNS address that I got from DysDNS.

For some reason, the site refuse to load. I have the following settings enabled:
1. Personal web Sharing enable via system preferences
2. Port 80 forward to my internal IP address
3. web site folder is placed in /library/Webserver/documents

DysDNS have a service where they redirect the site to the port number using my public IP address. But this hasn't work. I have tried redirecting to Ports 80, 8000 & 8080 with no success.

Is there something am missing? do I need to have another App. or service running on my system? Does Apache have anything to do with what am trying to do?

any help will be greatly appreciated.

MBP 15" core 2 duo, Mac OS X (10.4.8), 2GB RAM
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    >Does Apache have anything to do with what am trying to do?

    Yes. Apache is the web server program.

    If you've setup port forwarding on your router to forward port 80 to your server, then port 80 is what you have to tell DynDNS to forward to - they cant forward to port 8000 if you're not forwarding 8000 to your server.

    It's quite possible that your ISP is blocking port 80, though - many of them do, especially with residential accounts, so that may not work.
    In order to make it work you need to do it in two places - first tell your router to accept connections on port 8000 (or whichever port number you choose), then tell DynDNS to forward connections to that port.

    From your post it sounds like you've done the DynDNS part, but haven't changed your router configuration to match.
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    Hey Camelot ... thanks for the reply. I do have port 8000 forwarded on my router to my internal ip. This is one of the support e-mails that I have gotten from DysDNS:

    "You still have yoga-gita.com pointing to and it
    needs to point to our MyWebHop server at You need to point it there and then wait for that change to propagate.

    What's happening is you have your update client updating that host,
    which is should NOT do. Instead, you need to have it update
    www2.yoga-gita.com. Also, to have it send your external IP instead of
    internal, when you edit the www2.yoga-gita.com host inside the
    client, set the interface to External. Make that change and have it only
    update that particular host and then you should be fine after it propagates."

    I also messed with the httpd.conf file and added the following (last line)"
    # Listen: Allows you to bind Apache to specific IP addresses and/or
    # ports, instead of the default. See also the <VirtualHost>
    # directive.
    #Listen 3000
    #Listen 80
    AND THIS ONE ---->
    # Port: The port to which the standalone server listens. For
    # ports < 1023, you will need httpd to be run as root initially.
    Port 8000

    not sure if I had to do this, but I gave it a try.
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    FWIW, I can get to http://yoga-gita.com/

    I get redirected to http://www2.yoga-gita.com:8000/Login

    Is that what you expect?
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    It is surpose to redirect to --->


    I changed the redirection port back to port 80. I use port 8000 for an application called Rumpus Pro, which I use as an ftp web server which the link to that is: --->
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    Also when I type "http://www.yoga-gita.com/" I get this message:

    [Safari can’t open the page “http://www.yoga-gita.com/” because it can’t find the server “www.yoga-gita.com”.]

    and when I type: http://yoga-gita.com/ it opens the web page for me and the URL changes to "http://www2.yoga-gita.com/"

    Not really sure which part of this is taken place on my internal network. I ask friends to test the link and they keep saying that it will not load.