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Question: Is Apple making any Enterprise software? WinDOS SCCM like?

I asked a question a while back about moving to Apple computers from a Windows active directory based network, it seems that there is nothing comparable to the Windows client and server setup. Microsoft wants a TON of money to do this in corporate america, a 5,000 user company pays $1 mil a year to keep that heap running.

What is normal for Windows IT admins:

  1. Users are assigned desktops but use laptops at times
  2. Users are assinged a laptop or desktop and use conference room comptuers at times
  3. users expect a Home drive for personal files on Laptops, desktops for conference room computers
  4. users expect their favorites and stored web profile with passwords to travel to the next computer they login to
  5. users expect desktop preferences, screen saver, colors, desktop background to follow them to a new comptuer
  6. IT expects when the user logs in we can assign printers and shared drives to them
  7. IT expects that we can set the proxy settings on the machine they login to
  8. IT expects that we can have the email clinet setup on the machine so they do not have to ask us to setup IMAP, POP or exchange settings
  9. IT expects the user to get an ip address and name that has a reverse pointer so if they login via wired, wireless or VPN we can reverse connect to offer tech support(like ARD)
  10. IT expects the keychain to roam between mac computers so they can keep passwords stored
  11. IT expects users to get an alert x days before the password they are using expires
  12. IT expects the username and password can work on a laptop disconnected from the office
  13. IT expects Apple to provide some way to update the clients like the Microsoft WSUS server so it is not 100% anarchy at the desktop with every machine having a different OS and patch level.
  14. IT understands we need to pay for a way to update the internet attack vector apps, Java, Flash, Macromedia, Firefox and Chrome.

John Lockwood gave me a LOT of good answers last time in my thread "MacOS Server setup like a Windows AD network?" I read an article that Google has standardized on Mac OS X and a few years ago they we not using ANY apple software because it could not scale to the number of users they have. Google is also unique in the fact that the users can save anything to the google cloud and it really is considered in house, not out housed.



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Mar 11, 2018 8:00 PM in response to Your Average Joe In response to Your Average Joe

Apple is not presently in that market, and is deprecating many of the features of macOS with a future release of Server.app, so you're headed for integration with macOS, iOS, Windows and other systems as clients and with some other server system as the back-end. While it's certainly possible to run add-on software on macOS such as Kerio, you're likely headed for Linux or maybe BSD as your back-end if you're not continuing with Microsoft Windows Server.

If you're interested in some research into this area involving macOS, the archives of the MacEnterprise group might be of interest for related discussions, too. (The associated Mac Enterprise mailing list server web site isn't presently accessible; whether it's offline or it's gone?)

If you're looking to suggest this be added to the folks at Apple, then the Product Feedback links are at the bottom of the Contact page.

Mar 11, 2018 8:00 PM

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Question: Is Apple making any Enterprise software? WinDOS SCCM like?