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Question: SSL Curl with Terminal vs Applescript

Hi folks,

I'm trying to access an HTTPS web site from Applescript. I'm hoping you can help:

- the website I want to access is: https://api.weather.gov/points/39.048,-774817

- I can get there with Applescript to Safari, but Safari automatically downloads the source and gives the downloaded file a weird name (difficult to work with). And, I don't want to go through Safari anyway

- I can get there with Terminal with the command: curl -k https://api.weather.gov/points/39.048,-774817

- the start of the correct result of the curl is:


"@context": [

- if I put this curl command in Applescript (do shell script "curl -k https://api.weather.gov/points/39.048,-774817"), I get:


\"correlationId\": \"48422c52-0752-46d4-86de-a5cbf99bcedd\",

\"title\": \"Not Found\",

\"type\": \"https://api.weather.gov/problems/NotFound\",

\"status\": 404,

\"detail\": \"Not Found\",

\"instance\": \"https://api.weather.gov/requests/48422c52-0752-46d4-86de-a5cbf99bcedd\"


Is this an SSL issue? I'd like to get this curl to work from Applescript... anyone know how to make this work?


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It looks like a typo. You need a decimal point in your longitude value. And you can omit the "-k" part.

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Question: SSL Curl with Terminal vs Applescript