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Question: Homekit certification with protocol version 1.1

I am trying to pass the certification test using Homekit Certification Assistant (HCA) V2.8.3 for a wifi device. My access point is Apple AirPort.

Testing is dome by running the HAC or HAT on a Mac-Mini with High Sierra OS-X.

When the HCA finds the device on the network, immediately (before pairing) the following message appears on the Trace for each service:

"IP_NonCompliantBonjourTXTRecord: Bonjour TXT record for "My Device" is invalid. Protocol Version is Incorrect, and it must be set to 1.1. Setup hash (sh) is missing or incomplete. Setup hash is required for accessories that support setup with QR code or NFC".

The MDNS pairing string I send is:


Once I changed the Protocol Version to 1.1 as required by the HCA, the accessory is no longer shown on the mobile app "Home".

My questions:

1. When will the IOS and OS-X support the Protocol Version 1.1 (I am using High Sierra OSX and IOS 11.2.5 for testing).

2. If my Accessory is not setup using NFC of QR code, will I still need the Setup Hash?

null-OTHER, macOS High Sierra (10.13.3), Homekit Certification

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Question: Homekit certification with protocol version 1.1