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Question: Keyboard and Trackpad Freezing (10.13.3)

Macbook Air (13-Inch, Mid 2013)

OS X High Sierra 10.13.3

I have tried everything I've talked to support, I have researched everything I could. I checked the trackpad settings the keyboard settings. I made sure slow keys and mouse keys were turned off. My firewall keeps somehow turning off every once and a while. I have filevault turned on but it was doing it while it was off, seemed to be working fine in safemode. I know this is not a hardware issue, it was working completely fine for 5 days and now it is doing it again. I have deleted the files in preferences (plist). I have done SMC reset, PRAM reset, and that usually helps for a little while. I have done all these commands, "Command + R", "Command + D", "Command + Option + P & R", "Shift + Control + Option + Power". This is still going on, I am starting to believe that its a bug in OS X High Sierra. I reinstalled the OS and that worked for a little while but it still keeps doing it and its frustrating. Is it possible someone is hacking me and changing the driver settings or something? Is there anyway I can use terminal to reset the trackpad drivers or the keyboard? If all else fails I guess I will have to drive to Reno to be sure it's not a swelling battery but I don't believe it is, if it was wouldn't it stop working completely? When it gets stuck I can usually tap the keyboard and the mouse will move but then eventually the mouse stops moving and the keys on the keyboard wont free it or light it up.

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Question: Keyboard and Trackpad Freezing (10.13.3)