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Question: iPhone X 256GB poor bass.

Starting from iPhone 3GS I have bought every single iPhone and now I have iPhone X 256GB.

I am very disappointed that a phone that is

this expensive,paid $1724 CAD doesn’t have a

Good bass depth.I have 4 different sound systems and I stream music 4 to 5 hours a day.In my opinion iPhone 6S plus has the best overall sound.It sounds fuller and the audio amplifier doesn’t seems to struggle at high volumes.

Iphone 7 Plus after losing the headphone jack lost a little bit bass and the audio amplifier was

Slightly less powerful then the 6s plus.The sound was crispy but little bit harsh.

Now in iPhone X the sound is cleaner then

Any other iPhone but it lacks bass,there seems to be a mid bass enhancement but it is missing

Lower bass notes that gives you the joy of fuller sound.The audio struggles and it sounds weaker

Then 7 plus & 6S Plus.

I am wondering could it be due to Intel modems

In the Canadian iPhone X?.

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Question: iPhone X 256GB poor bass.