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Question: I can't print single album cd insert cover with white mosaic anymore?

I updated my iTunes on Windows to 12.6 and can no longer print a single album cover with white mosaic. Instead I get the correct track list, but a mosaic of a bunch of random covers in my library. I can use single album and get the cover properly, but it prints the song listing over a mirror of the cover and is very hard to read. Before the upgrade I could choose an album and pick white mosaic and get just the album cover on the right and the song list in black and white on the left. It's for a cd jukebox so I'm a little desperate to get the old functionality back. A big thanks for any suggestions?

Windows 10

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Mar 12, 2018 4:51 PM in response to Tonarinojim In response to Tonarinojim

It's actually worse than I thought. I choose and album, pick single cover, and it actually won't give me the tracks for that album, instead it starts listing tracks from the beginning of my library so i get the first 22 songs from unrelated albums and a note below it that says and 7781 more.

And while I'm venting this is the update that:

- turned on apple music unsolicited and locked all my music so that I couldn't access it on my phone and had to delete then reload everything into Itunes.

- no longer pulls album art when you import a folder with the album art in it

- can no longer seem to retrieve album art off the web

- ruined my weekend

Mar 12, 2018 4:51 PM

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Question: I can't print single album cd insert cover with white mosaic anymore?