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Question: Family Sharing "Ask to buy" for adults

I would like to suggest the ask to buy feature for adults in family sharing.

What I share here happened to me.

I use my credit card for the family purchase sharing, as the family organiser I share this credit card with my parents. logically, as an adults they know what they purchased (apple did great until this point).

what happened next was, my parents phone was used by my children and it happened they know my parents passwords. now they make purchases for games in my parents phone, which I and even my parents won't approve if we have those "ask to buy" feature turned on.

so, speaking of family organiser. why they don't have the ability to organise purchase which billed directly to their credit card, when they are the organiser as the name suggest? did you get what I mean?

iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 11.2.6, Game purchase

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Question: Family Sharing "Ask to buy" for adults