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Question: Time capsule reconnect wout ethernet


I used connect my modem to TC and use its wifi. After a period of not using TC, I want to reconnect it to my iMac for the backup purposes only. I already have a wifi IMac uses and I don't intent to connect TC to the modem via cable ( logistic problems) When I powered TC and see the old wireless name under network listings and connected to it but when I tried to connect to TC it doesn't, thus no backup. How can I set it so that I can set it up to work with the new modem/wifi without any cabling? I guess I first need to connect to it to do a setup. The light on it is yellow and blinking. And yes I really don't understand how this stuff works 😟

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iMac, iOS 10.3.3, high sierra 10.13.3

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Mar 12, 2018 6:39 AM in response to ceyda35 In response to ceyda35


I couldn't edit my previous question. I did use the ethernet cable and all but I got a Couldn't find disc error when I tried to go back in the timeline. I reset TC and set up a new base name, pswd etc. However I still can't access the 1.8 tb data, the app directs me to use the new base I set and I only have 200 mb space left. How can I access my old data? totally confused !

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Mar 12, 2018 6:39 AM

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I don't follow for question completely but I get the gist.

Your TC is completely full. But it is not necessarily full of data.

Time Machine stores its backup in a virtual disk called Sparsebundle. These expand in size automatically as demand up to the full capacity available in the disk. However Time Machine is very unreliable now.. and it could delete the contents of the Sparsebundle .. leaving no space on the disk.. but no data either.

In order to use the TC it must be erased.

If you wish to access the TM backup you need to hold down the option key while you click the TM icon. Select verify if TM is already configured or use Browse other Backup Disks to select the TC.

You can then try and access it.. but what I recommend is you get a 2TB Mac formatted USB drive.. plug it into the USB port of the TC and run archive from the airport utility.

So just open the airport utility, go to the disk tab and select archive. It will take a few hours to work.. plug the USB disk into the Mac and you can then open the Sparsebundle directly.

Once you archive, erase the TC and start a new backup.

However our recent experience with Time Machine suggests you would do better simply plugging the USB drive into the iMac and backup directly to local drive. It is faster and much more reliable.

Mar 12, 2018 2:18 PM

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Question: Time capsule reconnect wout ethernet