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Question: EXS 24 Samples not being found

Hi Guys

Ive recently put an SSD in my iMac and added the extra SATA cable inside to use the 2tb conventional drive. The SSD has a clean install of Sierra and all the projects and samples are on the other drive. I've Sym linked the EXS samples folder to user/Music/Audio Music Apps.

I've made certain the permissions are all correct on that folder.

Most, not all of the EXS samples are reported as missing from the edit page in the EXS. Now this i feel is important, the file structure of this folder is exactly the same as it was before i reformatted the 2tb drive and moved the files to it. In the EXS 24 preferences search all volumes is selected.

I can't work like this and its driving me totally insane. EXS has always, always just found folders of content wherever i had lazily placed them.

Please can someone resolve this for me, i cannot work.


David Jones

iMac, macOS Sierra (10.12.6)

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Question: EXS 24 Samples not being found