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Question: Apple Music / Siri & Carplay Help.!

Ive recently bought a new car with Carplay built in,

Ive got an AppleMusic account and downloaded my favourite

music to my iPhone x, I have made it in my settings that i can only

download music when connected to a wifi signal,

Now, in my car .. Where there is no wifi .. when i say " Hey Siri play <artist> "

Its saying i need to be connected to the internet,

Doesnt Apple Music work with siri with downloaded Artists/Tracks.?

Or have i turned this feature off somehow..?

My maps work so i know its using my phones data for that ..

And .. If you reply with, "You need to allow internet access" ..

Does it download/stream to my phone even if that track/album is already

on my phone ..??


iPhone X, iOS 11.2.6, CarPlay

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Question: Apple Music / Siri & Carplay Help.!