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Question: Hot desking and user settings being lost

MacOS 10.12.6 Server 5.3.1

Clients 10.12.6

We have clients managed by OD/Profile Manager, use network userhomes, staff log into various managed computers, and we're seeing some weird behaviors.

If we log out of one client machine - into another - and then back to the original again, sometimes our preferences revert to default settings.


- Sounds revert to desktop sound effects on, last set as off.

- iMessage settings in Messages.app cannot be held from one computer to the next.

- FileMaker settings are lost when changing back and forth.

My only thought is to create brand-new userhomes and hope that will eliminate the issue. Of course, it would be preferable not to have to go through the work if anyone has seen this and has a fix.

Thanks - Erich

OS X Server, null

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Question: Hot desking and user settings being lost