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Question: Apple has my SE

So I was having charging problems with my SE. I could charge it, but I had to position it between books and put weight on the phone for the charger to make contact with whatever is inside my phone. The unicorns or whatever powers it.

I sent it to Apple to fix and they sent me back a picture of my phone in blue plastic wrap and said that they had increased the cost for repair from $37 to $269. I do not know what is wrong with my phone and I tried to chat with them but they said I was out of warranty. I cannot have them call me because they have my phone and I am a teacher and my phone doesn't accept incoming calls during the day.

How do I email customer service to find out what is wrong with my phone? A picture of my phone wrapped in blue plastic and a $269 price does not help me understand what is going on. Shouldn't they tell me what is wrong so I can make an informed decision?

iPhone SE, iOS 11.2.6

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Question: Apple has my SE