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Question: Mac software update problem

I saw a post relating to my issue saying :

"Upgrading from system 10.3 to 10.8 via the built in software update feature, has been showing universe screen saver background and spinning beach ball for over an hour. I have never had an upgrade take so long, I have high speed internet, is something wrong? And how should I proceed?

Older iMac, probably 8 year old, no other issues

Thanks for any advice"

I have the same problem but his post got closed for inactivity so I'm asking again.

When I try to do a software update, my Mac installs the update package and then restarts. But when it restarts it only shows the galaxy wallpaper without the login square. I waited 22 Hours for it to change but nothing at all.

Whenever I press a button on my keyboard the Mac does a error "dout" sound.

My Mac is a old Mac and I haven't installed and update in a while.

Thanks for any further advice !


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Question: Mac software update problem