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Question: Movies Anywhere won't connect to iTunes on Windows

I'm trying to connect Movies Anywhere to my iTunes account in Windows 10 (64-bit, if that matters). I don't have any Mac or iOS devices.

I've found a few threads on this issue, but they always end with the Apple Recommended instructions, which don't work for me. That is, I sign in to Movies Anywhere, go to Manage Retailers, and click on Connect for iTunes. iTunes opens, but when I look at my account, Movies Anywhere does not appear.

I've tried this several times with IE11 and Edge, but it still doesn't work.

It's not the end of the world if this doesn't work, but I like solving problems, and it seems to me that this one should be solvable. I could try uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes, but I'm concerned that that will mess up my library, and I'm not convinced that it will help.

I saw a reply in another thread that mentioned using Safari for Windows, but Apple no longer supports it and old versions are not considered safe.

Thanks in advance.

(NOTE: Chrome will not open iTunes directly. Just FYI to those who may run into a wall there.)

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Question: Movies Anywhere won't connect to iTunes on Windows