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Question: Iphone X earpiece speaker issue

Hi, I am facing earpiece speaker issue on my X 256Gb, today 3 out of 7 calls have failed - i bearly can hear the person on the other end. Did everything that was mentioned here, and lastly restored the iPhone, made first call and the same issue occured! But during the call switched to loudsleaker and instantly back the problem went away. Spoke with my friend who also ones one he said that he started to experience the same issue today, but it didn’t happen before (he owns an X already from December). Is it an hardware issue or software? I fon’t want to bring my phone to retailer yet as it is uncimfortable to be without an iphone for couole of days till week while they test it!

Can someone from Apple contact me?

Thank you in advance!

Phone serial no: DN***CL8

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iPhone X, iOS 11.2.6

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Question: Iphone X earpiece speaker issue