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Question: Storage.

My Storage is constantly full. It’s completely ******** though. At first it said I my photos were taking up 5GB of Space. So then I transferred 90% of my photos to my iCloud storage. Then I had 5 more free GB. But then the next day, somehow my files app went from only using 1.2GB to using almost 5GB so I offloaded it. Then again I got 5 more free GB. THEN the next day my music magically went from using 1.5GB To using just under 6GB. So I deleted almost all the songs I had besides one play list. And wow guess what happens the next day. My notes app goes from using 1GB to using 4GB. So I delete all but 9 notes. The only notes I kept were all no more then 2 sentences as well. But then of course when I wake up in the morning, somehow notes is now using 5.86 GB with only 9 notes. My phone is only 2 months old as well.

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