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Question: Case, ID662494695.

I could not respond to the email in re this case number and was told in email that I needed to respond within 24 hours. What's going on

iPad 2 Wi-Fi

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Mar 12, 2018 8:58 PM in response to Mackinaw1981 In response to Mackinaw1981

Are you sure the message is legitimate? Does it contain a link for you to sign in somewhere? It may be a scam.

Apple will always address you by your name or the name they have on file for you and the e-mail will be from @apple.com or @iTunes.com. E-mail addresses can be spoofed. You can go to Mail/View/Message/Show all Headers to see more.

Avoid phishing emails, fake ‘virus‘ alerts, phony support calls, and other scams

Identifying legitimate emails from the iTunes Store

Send the e-mail to Apple as an attachment to a new e-mail before deleting it. You can forward as an attachment by going to Mail/Message/Forward as attachment.


Mar 12, 2018 8:58 PM

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Question: Case, ID662494695.