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Question: Bluetooth randomly disconnects-iOS 11.x

I have an iPad Air 2 running iOS 11.2.6, but the issue began probally around the release of 11.0 if not before. I have a Belkin Ultimate Keyboard and a Plantronics PTL Legend ear piece. Normally I don’t connect the PTL to the iPad, so I didn‘t realize how often it’s actually disconnecting until I resently connected it so I could listen to something in my ear without bothering anyone around me. I do have an iPhone SE using iOS 11.2.6, connected to the PTL and it never disconnects. I do not connect the keyboard to the iPhone, though.

I notice frequently with the iPad, that the keyboard pops up and won’t reconnect to the Belkin. When I go to Setttings, it says it’s connected, but doesn’t work. I have to “forget” the Belkin, then turn off Bluetooth, then turn it back on and repair it. I left the iPad on my desk almost all afternoon while using my iPhone and watching TV today and I have been frequently notified that the PTL has disconnected, then a few minutes later it says it’s connected.

I also notice that when I go to a certian Coffee Shop, after I connect to their free WiFi on the iPad, the keyboard disconnects, but it doesn’t say it’s disconnected and I always have to turn off Bluetooth, then turn it back on and repair the keyboard. The Coffee Shop’s WiFi kicks everyone off after an hour, so I have to reconnect, and every time I reconnect, I have to repair the keyboard again.

Thinking it was an issue with the Keyboard, since I purchased the extended warranty, I just planned to send it in for replacement, until I met someone at a meeting who also has an iPad Air 2 and a Belkin Ultimate Keyboard, and he has the same problem with it disconnecting from the iPad. I haven’t had a chance to talk to him about it, but I have updated the firmware on the Keyboard and the PTL, and am still having the issue.

Since this a Bluetooth issue, I searched here and found several issues but nothing recent and no answers except for the issue with the car. I also looked at the userguide and nothing tells how to stop the iPad from randomly disconnecting. It’s two different Bluetooth devices and one of them never disconnects from another iOS device, so it’s not the Bluetooth devices, it has to be the iPad.

Anyone else having any issues staying connected?

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Question: Bluetooth randomly disconnects-iOS 11.x