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Question: how do I transfer files off NTSF external hard drive on to mac

I have had an external hard drive for a long time now. I bought it after I bought the iMac in 2010. it is a Toshiba 1TB. I have used it to store photos on. It has worked for me for many years on my iMac. It was formatted for NTSF, I guess I had a reason at the time. However, I updated it High Sierra and the external hard drive will no longer works in that I can see the files, but I can not copy, or edit. It says in the little box with all the users I have read and write permission but above that, it says I only have read permission. I can't copy and paste the files on to my internal hard drive, it allows me to copy, but not paste. Does anyone know of a way I can save a life time of photos?




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Mar 12, 2018 5:53 PM in response to bnd Plano In response to bnd Plano

You should be able to copy it off the drive. If you used to be able to write to it in the past, it was because you installed software that allowed you to write to the drive. It was written by either Paragon or Tuxera and bundled as some sort of drive utility on the drive. It may now be interfering with your ability to copy off the drive. Uninstall it and see if you can copy.

Mar 12, 2018 5:53 PM

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Question: how do I transfer files off NTSF external hard drive on to mac