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Question: Book chapters out of order no matter what I do!

Downloading episodes from a book. No matter whether I chose Newest to Oldest or Oldest to Newest, and even if I carefully download individual sections in reading order the order is ALWAYS mixed up! I can't listen that way! This does not happen with all books. Perhaps the solution is only that I cannot listen to these problem books using ITunes itself, but must download episodes onto the IPod.

Apple support is not helpful: even with the product id, one is never connected with a human being, and the support site is even worse I am sorry to say - and I know no one can help with that here. The support site has successive levels asking more finely detailed questions, and when I finally reach one that identifies what I am trying to get the site simply does not take me to the 'solution' or 'specialist' I forget the term the site uses for indicating that an inquirer is on the way to having the inquiry resolved.

Why do the book chapters keep getting out of order? Would like to know; I have just deleted and resubscribed 4 times from librivox, trying to get the books to appear as they do with other podcasts, including books, which do NOT get out of order.

What exactly does Newest or Oldest mean? Most recently made? Most recently downloaded from server? Anyway. Thank you for reading if anyone did. I'll bookmark this link.

iPod shuffle, Windows 7, Only affects SOME books

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Question: Book chapters out of order no matter what I do!