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Question: Macbook Air gets stuck after login

As the title suggests, my macbook gets stuck after login. Before this happened the first time it worked just fine. But now, when I want to login, it gets stuck everytime after the login bar fills 100%. I already did some research and found some possible solutions. I tried some of them.

I tried resetting the P-RAM.

I tried starting the macbook in Safe Mode

I tried holding down the shift key after entering the password, in case one of the login items is corrupted.

The last one actually worked yesterday once. I got back to the Desktop and the macbook worked fine without any issues. So I secured all important files. And today, I wanted to start the macbook again and the issue appears again. Now holding down the shift key after entering the password doesn´t work. I am pretty clueless now.

I also started the macbook in verbose mode. And after some while, all the macbook does is this:

ScanManager::startScan: Broadcast scan request received for ´airportd´ (pid 73)

ScanManager::startScan: Initiating scan

ScanManager::getScanResult: All scan results returned for ´airportd´ (pid 73)

And that over and over. Sometimes it stops for a few seconds before it starts firing it again. As far as I understand it, it´s the macbook searching for a wireless connection. But should that be spammed like that and can that be the reason why my macbook gets stuck after login?

I also found one possible solution, which requires the command line tool ( Command +S), where you type the following into the command line:

mount -uw /



Can I do this, without having to fear that I break something? Because I don´t knwo what the -uw is.

I am thankful for any suggestions on how to fix this problem and will be happily answering any questions. Thanks in advance!

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Question: Macbook Air gets stuck after login