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Question: Logic Pro X - Safire 56 - Core Audio

Hi, I have created a fresh install of High Sierra on a new SSD drive which is working fine. I also installed Logic Pro X from the App Store. I then moved the Logic folder from Applications Support folder to my internal HDD to free up space on the SSD, I used Symbolic Linker to make the required link and all works fine, when I booted up logic it found the apple loops and loaded them into logic. (At this point my external audio device was not installed and I was using internal speaker to output audio) My system is a Mac Pro 5.1

Now here's my problem. I installed the latest version of Safire Mix Control for my Safire 56 and loaded it up from my Apps Folder in the usual manner, however it came up with "No Hardware Connected". When checking Preferences/Audio I noticed there was none of the usual options for the Safire 56 interface.

Question, should I have installed the Safire Mix Control software before moving the Logic folder to my HDD And creating the symbolic links.

Thanks in advance.

Mac Pro, macOS High Sierra (10.13.3), Music Production

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Question: Logic Pro X - Safire 56 - Core Audio