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Question: Still Wifi problems on iPhone 6


This is not a quest for a solution, but a report on my experience with trying to solve one.

My problems with Wifi are still occurring.

The entire wifi usage is spotty at best and sometimes completely non-operational.

It still happens across several devices and when talking to friends some off them are also experiencing this problem. On all the devices in my household everybody has done the update to 11.1.2

I have several access points in around the house, and it happens on all off them.

Luckily not all the time, so one moment I can access one wifi-access point and when I try the other it doesn't recognizes the password entered. At another moment the access point I was allowed on earlier refuses to accept the password. So far I haven't found a way to determine if there is anything consistent with this particular problem.

Ever since update to 11.2.5 it improved because now the number of times I got an connection exceeded the number of times the connection was dropped.

That is until I got a hold off a iPhone still on 10.3.3 and everything worked like a breeze ( as I was used too),

so i decided just let me downgrade my iPhone 6 to 10.3.3 and everything will be as off old.

Alas, that is not going to work because Apple will not allow me to downgrade anymore.

I am not looking for a solution anymore but just wanted to raise this issue and hopefully Apple will notice this message and solve the problem. I refuse to be forced to update my phone to a non-functional OS for a critical component. And I consider Wifi in my phone a critical component.

Apple, this is definitely the way to lose customers.

These issues and some other decisions on product features (think of server functionality for instance) will make me consider other options.

It always starts with one but when it is something as fundamental as this, it a sign of a pattern, then others will soon follow and suddenly the numbers starting to add up.

A very disappointed customer.

iPhone 6s, iOS 11.0.3

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Question: Still Wifi problems on iPhone 6