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Question: What does Apple "fix it" when it ain't ever "broken"?

I'm not a computer savy person, I started out using DOS in 1989 while college. The infancy of the computer almost, at least compared to this day and age. I first bought the newest Windows 98, ME, even high-tech XP...then I tried a MacBook Pro. After using Mac, I ended up loving it in every way. All that I have used the computer for was to search for music notation/tabs/chords/key of songs I enjoy and wish to learn to play on guitars, I use the Safari for that, and if I don't have the song I want in my itunes library, I find it on Safari...if need be, I read the music from my other search engine Google Chrome while listening to said tune on Safari or itunes library...too easy. There are backing tracks I use downloaded from the net as well, plus there's Garage Band, another ingenius tool for musicians from Apple. The folks at Apple have concentrated on art in my opinion...striving to maintain the quality apps and programs related to audio & visual art.

People say that "Sure, you can do all that stuff with a generic computer using LINUX / WINDOWS too, but for a fraction of the co$t." Ya, you can, but it certainly will not be the same. You know once you open up your MacBook Pro or Air, or set up your iMac desktop, which barely takes up the space as a LED television would complete.

The addage, "Once you try Mac, you will never go back." comes to mind.

(My deepest condolences to Windows...May You Rest in Pieces)

MacBook Air, iOS 10.2

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Question: What does Apple "fix it" when it ain't ever "broken"?