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Question: Photos not sync between Mac and Iphone

Macbook Pro 13' 2017 touchbar on macOS High Sierra 10.13.3

Photos version 3.0 (3251.12.190)


Iphone X 256GB on iOS 11.2.6

Iphone storage: 104,5 GB of 256 GB used

Photos are not syncing from iTunes to iPhone

I organize my photos on albums on my computer. So, every photo I take on iPhone, I send to iTunes, put in an album and them sync back to iPhone. This always worked fine, but from 6 months from now, the sync doesn't work properly. All names of albums are synced, but in some cases there are a lot of photos missing and in others, there is none photos synced in the album. I already reset all my Iphone by Apple's support line guideline, it worked in the 1st sync, but when I put a new album and tried again, all the mess started over again. I tried to change photos selection on iTunes, from sync all photos and albums to select only a few albums. Nothing worked.

On my iPhone Photo preferences, my iCloud Photo Library, My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Sharing are turned off.

Anyone knows how to fix this?

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Question: Photos not sync between Mac and Iphone