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Question: Playground courses can't be downloaded


I have downloaded the app "Swift Playgrounds" from the appsotore.

In there, you can download different courses to follow.

However, this keeps going on and on without really downloading the course.

How can this be solved?

Thanks in advance!

iPad Pro 9.7-inch WiFi, iOS 11.2.6

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Mar 13, 2018 2:18 PM in response to PatrickGW In response to PatrickGW

Not sure if you have looked into this for other important aspects of the software:

Swift Playgrounds - Apple Developer

Swift Playgrounds A new way to learn to code with Swift on iPad. Swift Playgrounds

is a revolutionary iPad app that helps you learn and explore coding in Swift, the ...

User uploaded filehttps://developer.apple.com/swift/playgrounds/

About two years ago this software based on Swift code was introduced; info is available.

Playground2.0 with in-app extras was said to be more recent. Likely to be able to do more

with Swift you probably would need to check the developer section and create an account.

Swift - Apple Developer

Learn Swift on iPad. In Swift Playgrounds you create small programs called "playgrounds"

that instantly show the results of the code that you write.

User uploaded filehttps://developer.apple.com/swift/

User uploaded file

Mar 13, 2018 2:18 PM

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Mar 14, 2018 3:04 AM in response to PatrickGW In response to PatrickGW

You may have to reset the iOS device and see if you could re-download the app.

I've not tried Swift Playgrounds in my iPhone SE (64GB) iOS11.2.6, to read details

or try and find if I could replicate your loading issue here. There may have been a

bandwidth or ISP problem in the download - or perhaps files may have added too

much content to your device's storage memory as that could have bad effect in

program startup & loading. If capacity of storage is marginal, that could be reason

for stalling or failure to load. The app is kinda larger than most.

And my iPad Mini1.1 16GB (wi-fi) is too old to run Swift Playground. Did you set up

your Mac (or PC) to work with your iPad to utilize features of Swift? That's also an-

other of those details. {Sorry to not be of much help in this.} Perhaps a Community

Host could relocate this topic thread to another ASC... such as the one for Swift?

In any event...

Good luck & happy trails! 🙂

Mar 14, 2018 3:04 AM

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Question: Playground courses can't be downloaded